Mystery of death of U.S. citizen in the jungles of Ecuador, during Ayahuasca ceremony

Posted on February 4, 2016 • Filed under: Ecuador, Tourist Dies

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Leslie Allison

Leslie Allison

Mystery in Ecuador: What happened to Leslie Allison in the Amazon jungle of Ecuador?
Young woman from Texas who loved Ecuador dies while participating in Aayahuasca ceremony near Gualaquiza (Morona Santiago) Ecuador.

35 year-old Leslie Allison was a ray of light and a free spirit by any measure if you speak to anyone who knew her. She had a passion for living and a smile as wide as Texas where she is from. She had been spending significant time in Ecuador over the last several years and returned to Ecuador on January 9th, 2016 after an extended stay in her hometown near Houston with her parents and many friends.

Excited about the plans and possibilities of the new year she looked forward to getting back to Ecuador. In her vivacious nature she last spoke to her mother on the phone on January 11th, 2016, from Ecuador telling her mother she loved her and exchanging texts. She told her mother she was on her way to the Amazon and they said goodbye of course with her mother telling her to be careful. Neither one of them knew this would be the last time they would ever speak.

A tourism website describes Gualaquiza, Ecuador as a “tranquil oasis at the southernmost tip of the oriente(jungle), where the dense lush Amazon collides with the verdant Sierra forests.” It is in the described tranquil oasis where the life of Leslie Allison tragically came to an end.

Leslie who was known to be a free spirit and spiritual person was always interested in a new adventure. She arrived in the jungle to participate in described ancient ceremonies on or about the 12th of January, 2016. The ceremony was to last through January 25th These rituals which are claimed to be centuries old was being directed by well known Shaman, Miguel Chiriap whose website claims he has been a healer and working with Ayahuasca, or Natém and other medicines for thirty years. Approximately 30 participants paid over a thousand dollars a piece to experience the rituals that Mr. Chiriap’s website claims could cure many illnesses such as cancer as well as emotional problems.

On January 14th, something went seriously wrong, and while participating in the exercises, Leslie Allison became seriously ill. There is reports that Miguel Chiriap tried to provide her aid and others sang over her body. But, she may have ultimately been left alone and suffered an agonizing death leaving family and friends while she laid in the Amazon jungle.

A subsequent investigative report will hopefully reveal more facts and answers of this case to provide an explanation as to what went wrong. It is known that 12 individuals left the ceremony after her death and that a number of the participants finished the lengthy ceremony. According to reliable sources Ms Allison was not transported to any type of medical facility while struggling for her life and that authorities were not notified immediately of her death. It has also reported according to reliable sources, Mr. Chiriap on January 17th, was interviewed by police and allowed to remain free. Now a grieving family awaits answers to the cause of the death of this young woman who was seen by many as a ray of sunshine.

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