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Expat from UK murdered in his residence in Cordoba Argentina, Male Prostitute is Suspect

Finlay Ferguson was found naked on the bed of his Argentina home as a teenager was arrested over the grisly crime
FRIENDS of murdered Scots musician Finlay Ferguson have leaped to his defence over hurtful comments about his sex life in the wake of his death.


The 60-year-old expat – found naked on the bed of his home in the Argentinian city of Cordoba – was killed last Thursday after being hit over the head with a dumbbell.

A 19-year-old said to have worked as a stripper and male prostitute is in custody after being arrested on suspicion of the grisly crime.

Prosecutor Ruben Caro revealed on Monday dad-of-two Mr Ferguson, who lived alone after separating from his wife, had invited his alleged killer into his house in the city’s Guemes neighbourhood. A 23-year-old student the murdered Scot was reportedly in a relationship with is understood to have put police on the trail of suspect Alan Damian Torres after telling them Mr Ferguson, a conductor at Cordoba’s Libertador Theatre youth orchestra, had arranged to meet up with the teenager. Read Article

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Thailand: Expat killed in bee attack

An Australian expat has died after being stung by hundreds of bees in Phayao province. – Peter John William, 64, died on Saturday after being stung by bees that were reportedly disturbed by villagers who were cooking food close to where the nest was located. Witnesses described how smoke from a grill which was [...]

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Mexico: Canadian found murdered in La Paz residence

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK / A Canadian woman flew to Mexico to visit her 67 year old brother in Mexico. John Wesley Cornelson, age 67 brother picked her up at the airport in Cabo, and delivered her to a hotel. They were to meet the next morning for breakfast. He [...]

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Expat from Italy dies in Ecuador after apparently being hit by a boat while swimming

IN LESS THAN TWO WEEKS, TWO ITALIAN EXPATS DEAD FROM UNNATURAL CAUSES Manlio Grazzani age 68, a popular and athletic expat from Italy living in Salinas Ecuador met a tragic death while swimming earlier this month at Chipipe beach in Salinas Ecuador. According to reports from Super Peninsular his corpse was found on the beach [...]

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Acapulco Mexico: U.S. citizen found dead with Mexican woman, suspected homicide

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK ACAPULCO, Feb 10 (Reuters/ – An American man and a Mexican woman were found murdered in an apartment in the resort city of Acapulco, authorities in the southwestern state of Guerrero said on Friday. The bodies of Stanley Enders, 70, and Nora Valdez, 65, bore marks of [...]

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Burma: British expat found dead, police looking for roommate also a British national reported a manhunt has been launched after Gary Ferguson, 47, was found dead at the flat of pal Harris Binotti, 25 – who is also British. Police are now searching for Binotti – who has vanished. The pair – who both taught English at Horizon International School in Rangoon – had been drinking together [...]

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Peru: Tourist from Canada dies in bizarre vehicle accident

CANADIAN EXPAT LIVING IN ECUADOR DIES IN FREAK ACCIDENT NEAR CAJAMARCA PERU reported that Cuenca expat Roger Seltzer was killed early Tuesday morning when a horse fell on top of the car he was driving, north of Cajamarca, Peru. According to police, the horse apparently lost its footing on a steep mountain slope and [...]

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Mexico: Expat from Canada beaten and strangled with camera cord reported robbery is believed to have been the motive in the killing of a Canadian photographer and artist Friday in Yucatán. The state Attorney General’s office said Barbara McClatchie Andrews was killed by a taxi driver whom she had contracted to drive her from the airport in Cancún to her home in Mérida. The [...]

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Canadian Expat Brutally Murdered in Mexico

VICTIM MURDERED ON WAY FROM CANCUN AIRPORT TO HER HOME IN MERIDA (took bus) reported the brutal killing of a B.C. photographer near Cancun, Mexico last week has left those who knew her in shock as they struggle to understand the sudden end of a woman described by friends as a “life force” who [...]

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Ecuador: Expat from Canada found dead, shot in the back of the neck reported relatives of a Quebecer living in Ecuador say he has been killed under suspicious circumstances. Yvan Dionne was shot in the back of the neck and killed at his cocoa and coffee plantation over the weekend in a rural area about 200 kilometres outside the capital, Quito. Dionne’s sister-in-law, Denise Lavoie, says the [...]

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