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Mexico: Canadian found murdered in La Paz residence

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK / A Canadian woman flew to Mexico to visit her 67 year old brother in Mexico. John Wesley Cornelson, age 67 brother picked her up at the airport in Cabo, and delivered her to a hotel. They were to meet the next morning for breakfast. He was a no show. She went to his home in La Paz, a neighbor opened the residence and found him dead. A news report in Mexico indicated it appeared the victim was hit on the head with a shovel. The house had been ransacked and his vehicle missing.

A Mexican news report said it appeared he had been hit on the head with a shovel and his house had been ransacked. His beige, 2000 Buick with Canadian plates was gone. Read Article

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Peru: Tourist from U.S. Killed, Fell 40 meters into a gorge (March 2, 2017) – A tourist from the U.S. died, after accidentally falling to an abyss of 40 meters of depth, in the district of Santa Teresa, province of the Convention, in Cusco. victim – Whitney Steven (24). The incident was corroborated by his friend Molli Gain, who said that both were participating in [...]

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Trip to Panama for backpacking tourist ends in tragedy

Catherine Johannet went missing on February 2, 2017. Her lifeless body was found on February 5, 2017. reported what was a trip abroad has become a homicide investigation: Preliminary forensic results show Johannet was strangled, according to Panamanian media outlets En Segundos, La Prensa and Next TV Panama. It was not immediately clear when [...]

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Colombia: Missing Dutch Tourist Found Safe

Feb. 4, 2017 – reported (machine translated)Franciscus Antonio, a Dutch tourist, who had been lost since last Thursday night, was finally found by the agencies of Socorro. Major Fernando Vélez, commander of the Civil Defense in Boyacá, indicated that the tourist was found in the municipality of Chiquiza, and once they met with the [...]

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Tourist from Switzerland Missing in Galapagos Islands

San Cristobal Galapagos Islands Ecuador reported that the The Captainship of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and the Naval Base of San Cristóbal are looking for a Swiss tourist reported missing since Sunday on the island of San Cristobal de Galapagos. The foreigner has been identified as Othmar Lauber, 62. Reyna Luisa Lauber, a relative of [...]

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Hurricane Otto to threaten lives and property from Panama to Honduras, El Salvador

Otto to threaten lives and property from Panama to Honduras, El Salvador reported hurricane Otto, over the southwestern Caribbean Sea, will threaten part of Central America with flooding, mudslides and damaging winds this week. Otto is hovering just off the coasts of Panama, Costa Rica and Nicaragua. It became the seventh hurricane of the [...]

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Some May Decide to Dump Trump and become expats in Latin America Rueda and Tim Rogers reported so for some people who have been thinking about it for years, Trump’s win could be the final nudge that pushes them to make the leap. “I think Trump’s win will be a windfall for Nicaragua,” a U.S. expat who owns a restaurant in Granada told me. “Send us [...]

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British teenager goes missing while swimming off coast of Brazil

TOURIST MISSING BRAZIL reported a British teenager has gone missing after getting into difficulties while swimming off the Brazilian coast. Elliot Deslandes, 14, from Arnold in Nottingham, was with a group on holiday in Ilha Grande, an island near Rio de Janeiro. Read Article

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U.S. tourist dies during ayahuasca ceremony in Peru

Miguel Neyra/Editor machine translated An American tourist died during a session of ayahuasca developed into a home in the town of Huaynapata province of Calca, in Cusco . The incident occurred last Saturday morning. In this residence, the National Police found Christina Melissa Jenkins, 41, lifeless, leaning against the wall and lying on a [...]

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Peru: Tourist from Canada dies in bizarre vehicle accident

CANADIAN EXPAT LIVING IN ECUADOR DIES IN FREAK ACCIDENT NEAR CAJAMARCA PERU reported that Cuenca expat Roger Seltzer was killed early Tuesday morning when a horse fell on top of the car he was driving, north of Cajamarca, Peru. According to police, the horse apparently lost its footing on a steep mountain slope and [...]

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