Lu’um Balam, Cancun Mexico: Tourist Dead in Cavern, body still not recovered

Posted on August 8, 2017 • Filed under: Mexico, Tourist Dies, Tourist Drowned Julio César Solís
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CANCÚN, MX.- The dead body of a tourist of Russian origin remains trapped inside a cave with cenote of the bio park Lu’um Balam, located in the municipality of Solidaridad, and the work to remove it Been unsuccessful until now.

The site is located at kilometer 263 +120 of the federal road Chetumal-Cancun, in Rancho San Miguel, between Xpuhá and Kantenah, and there are authorities, including Civil Protection and elements of the Ministerial Police of the Attorney General of the State (FGE).

The European identified as 31-year-old Dmitry Chernov arrived at around 3 pm on Lu’um Balam on Saturday, August 5 accompanied by a friend, and entered a cavern with a cenote accompanied by a guide of the bio park, However, in the distance and in the darkness of the area, the visitor was diverted by a channel that was open and had to have an obstruction to avoid access, which would imply a possible negligence on the part of the site.

Unfortunately, Dmitry Chernov died and his remains remain within 50 meters of the canal entrance due to the difficulty of carrying out the work.

“The boys did not sign any responsive, they were accompanied by a guide, the channel was open, because it did manage to get there and it led to death, maybe it was wrong, but in all parks that are open to the public there is a Way of protecting people, because that area should be closed with something, with a rope for example, “said a source who knows the facts and who omitted his identity to avoid hampering rescue work.

He added “the tourist thought there was an air bubble, but it was not air, and there he lost his strength, and he continued desperately and is 50 meters from the entrance.”

The same Saturday arrived divers, as well as members of the Navy Secretariat (Semar) to support the rescue work abroad, however, there is a wall that prevents removal, so it is necessary to use machinery to knock it down, otherwise Life of rescuers would be put at risk.

“There is no way to remove the body without knocking down the wall, otherwise it would endanger the lives of rescuers,” the source said.

According to a version obtained by Noticaribe, both tourists did not sign a responsive part of the bio park, in addition, that the company Lu’um Balam did not contact neither the family nor the Russian Consulate nor the Russian Embassy to report on the acts.

It is known that Lu’um Balam has not given a position on the hiring of machinery to rescue the Russian and even the friend of the deceased today has asked for help in order to pay for it.

In the same way, members of the Russian community have started a collection so that Dmitry Chernov is repatriated, nevertheless, first it will have to be recovered its body.

Also, by instructions of Civil Protection, the bio park Lu’um Balam is closed to the public as it concludes the matter – Read Article




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