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Three charged in Kidnapping of U.S. expatriate in Loja Ecuador reported three people were charged by the prosecution. There is evidence that incriminates them.

After the accusation made by the public prosecutor in Loja against Adrián M. O., Rafael M. C. and Eli V. G., alleged involved in the abduction of S. Y., U.S. citizen, is expected that Loja guarantees Criminal Court set the time and date for the initiated trial hearing.

Friday, November 7, 2014 was the preparatory hearing trial and formulation of opinion where Viviana Ordóñez Montaño, Prosecutor of Loja, accused the three citizens of participating in the alleged crime and supported in abundant evidence collected in the places where the apparent kidnapping was consummated.

Victim transported in her own vehicle
The night of Tuesday, August 12, 2014, at about 22:00, three citizens would have burst into the housing of the American citizen, 58 years old, based in Vilcabamba, and against the will of her embarked it on an owned vehicle to undertake the flight toward the northern border. Read Article


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Mexico: Rich or Poor, you may be a target of kidnapping reported in Mexico, with its history of drug-war violence and corrupt police, kidnapping is an old story. In the past, the crime tended to target the rich. Now it has become more egalitarian. Victims these days are often shopkeepers, taxi drivers, service employees, parking attendants and taco vendors who often work in cash or [...]

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Ecuador: Victims of Kidnapping for Ransom, share their story reported… Accurate Details Regarding the Vilcabamba Kidnapping (August 2014) Here is an accurate summary of the events regarding the Vilcabamba home invasion, robbery, and kidnapping of an American couple. The couple requests that their privacy be respected and to please understand that each time they are asked to relay details it is traumatizing. Thus [...]

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U.S. Expat kidnapped for ransom in Vilcabamba Ecuador, rescued, suspects include one American reported that an American citizen was kidnapped in Vilcabamba Ecuador in Loja. The four assailants demanded a $400,000 ransom to secure her release. The kidnapping according to the prosecutor was conducted Tuesday August 12, in Viclabamba. Apparently the womans partner and a man helping with translations for the couple were not taken. The victim [...]

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Ecuador: U.S. Expat Couple, Victim of Kidnapping

Kidnapping in Vilcabamba Marcelle Elizabeth Muller is a psychologist. Robert Walter Sniadach is medical. They have been in Ecuador three years, six months lived in Cuenca, the rest in Loja. Both include the programme for the protection of victims and witnesses of the Prosecutor’s Office and the support of the national police service. reported [...]

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German Expat kidnapped in Nigeria

Gunmen riding on motorcycles have kidnapped a German national in northeast Nigeria, police say, in the latest violence to hit the area which has come under repeated attacks from Boko Haram militants. “Security agents are working assiduously to track down the kidnappers and free the hostage,” Adamawa police spokesman Othman Abubakar said. A German foreign [...]

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Turkish photographer kidnapped by jihadi rebel group in Syria

According to, a Turkish newspaper says one of its photographers has been kidnapped in Syria by groups linked to al-Qaeda. Milliyet newspaper said Tuesday that 43-year-old photographer Bunyamin Aygun was abducted in Syria 21 days ago. It says Aygun crossed into Syria on Nov. 26 and that he called the paper sometime later to [...]

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Saudi Arabia: Asian maid kidnapped and raped in a desert camp reports that a domestic worker was kidnapped and raped in a camp in the desert according to a case filed in Naseem police station and remains under investigations with efforts to identify and arrest the suspects. According to the Asian maid’s testimonies, two men forced the woman while she was taking out the trash [...]

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German journalist missing and feared kidnapped in Cairo

The Local Germany reports that the German government has called on Egypt to help find a German journalist who has disappeared – feared kidnapped – in Cairo after receiving death threats from Islamic extremists. Hamed Abdel-Samad’s brother told Egyptian news site youm7 he feared the writer had been kidnapped after he disappeared from near the [...]

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Semporna, Sabah, Malaysia: Kidnapping warnings, Philippine groups involved

THIS IS AN OPINION PIECE BUT DOES OFFER SOME IMPORTANT INTELLIGENCE INFORMATION ON KIDNAPPINGS BY PHILIPPINE GROUPS It is understandable that family members of a hostage would want to see their loved one released as quick as possible but paying the ransom only encourages the crime to flourish. Last week, the whisper among the intelligence [...]

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