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Mexico: Expat from Canada beaten and strangled with camera cord reported robbery is believed to have been the motive in the killing of a Canadian photographer and artist Friday in Yucatán. The state Attorney General’s office said Barbara McClatchie Andrews was killed by a taxi driver whom she had contracted to drive her from the airport in Cancún to her home in Mérida.

The native of Vancouver, Canada, was returning from a trip to Canada and had advised her housekeeper she was on her way from Cancún.


Her body was found Friday by the roadside on the Cancún-Mérida highway near Hacienda Teya. Authorities said there were signs she had been beaten and strangled to death with the cord of a camera. Read Article

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Ecuador: expat couple victims of home invasion

On January 12, 2014, in La Milina Salinas Ecuador a retired couple from the U.K. found themselves victimized by two gun wielding men in their 30′s. According to one of the victims, the incident happened when she was preparing dinner at 5:00 pm. Her husband was on the front patio when the two assailants pointed [...]

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Riyadh Saudi Arabia: thousands of Afican migrants involved in clashes with vigilantes, police reported..RIYADH, Saudi Arabia: Thousands of African migrants residing illegally in Saudi Arabia’s main city of Riyadh surrendered to police on Sunday, residents said, a day after two people were killed in violent clashes between Ethiopians and vigilante residents backed by police. The clashes, which also injured 68, were the clearest sign yet of how [...]

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Tajik train assaulted by armed group in Russia

According to, there ought not to seek political motives in a recent attack on Tajik train in Russian territory, Mohammad Egamzod, a spokesman for the Tajik Embassy in Moscow, told Asia-Plus today morning. According to him, this incident should be solved by railway companies of the two countries. “We have familiarized ourselves with comments [...]

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American ship attacked by pirates off the coast of Nigeria

NBC News reports that two Americans were kidnapped by pirates after their ship was attacked off Nigeria’s coast, U.S. officials said Thursday. The U.S.-flagged oil supply vessel C-Retriever was targeted in the Gulf of Guinea early Wednesday, Reuters reported. Maritime news website gCaptain reported that the ship’s captain and its chief engineer had been abducted. [...]

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Russian embassy in Libya attacked by gunmen

Al Jazeera reports that the Russian embassy in Libya’s capital, Tripoli, was attacked by unknown gunmen, according to the Russian foreign ministry. “In Tripoli … a shooting occurred and there was an attempt to enter the territory of the Russian embassy in Libya,” said Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lukashevich, speaking on Russian state television. “According [...]

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Egypt: “Terrorists” launch unsuccessful attack on Panamanian ship in the Suez Canal

According to an Al Jazeera report, Suez Canal authorities have said that a “terrorist” staged an unsuccessful attack on a container ship passing through the canal. The attack was said to be an attempt to disrupt the flow of ships through the waterway. The Suez Canal is a key global shipping lane, and secured by [...]

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Insurgents attack Indian consulate in Afghanistan

Reuters reports that insurgents attacked the Indian consulate in Afghanistan’s eastern capital on Saturday, killing nine people and reinforcing fears that a bloody regional power struggle will be played out in the country once most foreign troops leave. Twenty-three people were wounded when checkpoint guards stopped three attackers in a car as they approached the [...]

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Al Arabiya news crew attacked by Ennahda supporters in Tunisia reports that supporters of the Tunisian ruling party Ennahda assaulted Al Arabiya television’s crew in Tunis on Saturday, while the crew was covering a march organized by the movement opposing “the military coup against democracy in Egypt.” The attackers beat up the cameraman, verbally assaulted the rest of the crew and prevented them from [...]

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Saudi Arabia: Philippine embassy officials accused of assaulting female staffers

Al Jazeera reports that the Philippine government has promised to investigate allegations that embassy officials have sexually abused Filipina workers in Saudi Arabia. More than two million Filipinos are working abroad. Each year they send home around $20bn boosting Philippine economy. Read article

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