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Canary Islands: Five Killed, hundreds evacuated Tenerife from major storms reported Canary Islands: Five people were killed and hundreds were evacuated from their homes on the popular tourist island of Tenerife after major storms caused flash floods and disrupted power throughout the area. Access to the island’s main port also was cut off near Santa Cruz, Tenerife’s capital. Officials were expected to declare Santa Cruz a disaster area, and cleanup may take weeks. Travelers should confirm reservations and check itineraries before visiting the island, though peak tourist season begins in December. Read Article

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Canary Islands: Dutch tourist dies while scuba diving

The victim, a Dutch national, suffered a cardiac arrest. Emergency According to sources, the monitor left only the group of tourists while trying to rescue her. A woman of 35 years, Dutch nationality has died on Monday when I practiced diving in Pasito Blanco, south of Gran Canaria, as a result of a cardiac arrest [...]

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Canary Islands: British tourist detained after pouring boiling water on pedestrians reports that a British tourist in the Canary Islands went on a 10-day rampage which ended up with him pouring boiling water onto passersby from the balcony of his holiday unit. The tourist had been tipping the scalding liquid from the balcony of his 12th story apartment at the Playa del Ingl├ęs resort on [...]

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Canary Islands: British tourist killed while walking, hit by vehicle reports that a British tourist has been killed after being hit by a 4×4 while taking an evening stroll in the Canaries. Darren Laurie, 29, from Scotland, died almost instantly after being hit by the car as he crossed an unlit road on the island of Fuerteventura. Read article

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