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Expat in Ecuador Brutally Attacked, victim of hate crime, “get out of our country”


U.S. Citizen told to get out of the country, Ecuador is not for them but for Ecuadorians, Attacked with a blow to the back of his head. / Expat attacked in Loja. (machine translated)
They demanded that he leave the restaurant because of his ethnic background. Then they attacked him from behind when he left the establishment.

Ecuador conquered Peter (protected name), an Ecuadorian citizen originally from the U.S.American origin who, like many others, decided to settle in the country attracted by its people and the opportunities it offers. This experience allowed him to form a family, make new friendships and consolidate a business, being all positive until March 18 when he was savagely attacked for being a ‘gringo’.

That day, Peter and two friends, decided to go to have something to eat at about 00:30 after leaving a social engagement. They entered a restaurant located on the street Imbabura between November 18 and Av. Universitaria, in front of the park Bolivar. Upon entering a group began to harass him and spoke to him with derogatory terms, referring to his ethnic origin.

Peter recounted the event and stated “When we sat down, from a table next to ours they began to say things like ‘gringo returns to your country’, ‘this place is for us’, ‘you should not be here’, then we held five minutes and left because we did not want Problems. Peter did tell them before leaving that he isa citizen of Ecuador and that their treatment of him is unfair.

When Peter left he was then brazenly attacked from behind. The blow caused him to lose consciousness and other injuries. They were attacking him just because he is a gringo. A commission of a hate crime.

He received several fractures and bruises on the jaw, the orbital area, nose and ear. Apparently the attack was from two Ecuadorians that were encouraged by three others according to witness statements.

The assailants were identified as to belonging to a motorcycle gang in town, having been identified the identity of one of those who participated in this aggression with a xenophobic character that efforts will be made to sanction those involved through justice agencies.

Peter stated, “It is very hard for me, I decided to come to Ecuador, I married Ecuador, I married my wife who is from Loja, I have my children here, by my own choice I decided to become an Ecuadorian citizen, I did my best to obtain nationality and the people overall have accepted him. He futher related that the attack has placed a severe emotional impact. Read Article


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