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Two Tourists from U.S. assaulted after withdrawing funds from ATM in Mexico City, one dead, one injured

Colonia Álamos located in Alcaldía Benito Juárez en Ciudad de México (MACHINE TRANSLATED) Yesterday afternoon (05-16-17), two tourists of American nationality were assaulted and seriously injured on a bridge over the Tlalpan road in the Benito Juárez delegation.

According to reports from the Public Security Ministry, the foreigners were assaulted after withdrawing money at an ATM in the Alamos colony (Colonia Álamos) and later wanted to cross the avenue on the low bridge at La Coruna street, where the criminals were.


One of the tourists received a bullet in the back so he was transferred to receive medical attention and the other received the impact on the head, so he died on the spot.

According to early police and witness accounts, there were four criminals, of whom two were allegedly following tourists after seeing them withdraw cash. The tourists resisted, even managed to beat one of the criminals, so his accomplice found himself in need of shooting them to help him.

Of the street vendors who were close to the area, none of them helped until they saw them badly injured and asked for emergency services.

Because tourists did not speak Spanish, their identity, nationality and age are unknown and all they knew was that they spoke in English.

The site was later visited by experts from the capital’s procuratorate to give way to the investigation leading to the arrest of those allegedly responsible. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Mexico: Canadian found murdered in La Paz residence

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK / A Canadian woman flew to Mexico to visit her 67 year old brother in Mexico. John Wesley Cornelson, age 67 brother picked her up at the airport in Cabo, and delivered her to a hotel. They were to meet the next morning for breakfast. He [...]

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Mexico: Tourist From Germany missing, may have been swept out to sea

RIPTIDE PULLED GERMAN TOURIST OUT TO SEA, STILL MISSING (machine translated) OAXACA, OAXACA.- Elements of the Secretary of the Navy, State Civil Protection and the municipality of Santa Maria Tonameca continue the search for a tourist from Germany, who was lost since Friday while swimming in the beach Mermejita. In search of Fertinand Staisat, [...]

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Acapulco Mexico: U.S. citizen found dead with Mexican woman, suspected homicide

INTERMEDIATE ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK ACAPULCO, Feb 10 (Reuters/ – An American man and a Mexican woman were found murdered in an apartment in the resort city of Acapulco, authorities in the southwestern state of Guerrero said on Friday. The bodies of Stanley Enders, 70, and Nora Valdez, 65, bore marks of [...]

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California/Mexico border: Cal. couple hiking lost for five days in desert found alive reported a Los Angeles couple who went missing during a visit to the desert wandered for five days, drinking their own urine to survive, before they were discovered by the U.S. Border Patrol, according to a friend of the couple. On Friday, the LAPD confirmed that Mariya Mitkova, 27, and Aaron Morganstein, 33, were [...]

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Mexico: Expat from Canada beaten and strangled with camera cord reported robbery is believed to have been the motive in the killing of a Canadian photographer and artist Friday in Yucatán. The state Attorney General’s office said Barbara McClatchie Andrews was killed by a taxi driver whom she had contracted to drive her from the airport in Cancún to her home in Mérida. The [...]

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Canadian Expat Brutally Murdered in Mexico

VICTIM MURDERED ON WAY FROM CANCUN AIRPORT TO HER HOME IN MERIDA (took bus) reported the brutal killing of a B.C. photographer near Cancun, Mexico last week has left those who knew her in shock as they struggle to understand the sudden end of a woman described by friends as a “life force” who [...]

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Mexico: Woman from Spain found dead after kidnapping

A Spanish woman kidnapped in Mexico last week has been found dead. reported, Maria Villar Galaz, who was the niece of Spanish Football Association president, Angel Maria Villar, had been missing since 13 September.She was forced to withdraw money from cash machines before being held for ransom. Spain’s foreign minister said the kidnappers had [...]

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VIOLENT GORING OF MAN BY BULL IN Huamantla, Mexico (VIDEO)…The victim, identified as Leopoldo Cruz Espinoza, can be seen trying to dodge the angry beast during a bull run festival in Huamantla, Mexico. He is reported in serious condition. Read Article ADVANCED SPANISH VOCABULARY – READ THIS BOOK WARNING – VIDEO IS GRAPHIC

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Acapulco Mexico, Paradise Lost, high murder statistics

strong>ACAPULCO TURNED INTO A WAR ZONE reported that Extreme and gruesome violence has turned a city once beloved by holidaymakers from around the world into a war zone. Acapulco, on Mexico’s Pacific Coast, has been gripped by such bloody chaos in recent years that it has been dubbed one of the most dangerous cities [...]

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