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Mysterious Death of Man after drinking soft drink in Mexicali Mexico Mexicali (machine translated) – A 33-year-old man was presumed to have been drinking a contaminated soft drink he bought in the Mexicali Valley, while health authorities in Baja California are investigating possible intoxication from soft drinks by at least nine other people.

The person who died had consumed a two-liter 7UP soft drink.

In a communiqué, it was reported that at 5:30 pm on Sunday, the victim was received at the regional clinic in the Mexicali valley, in the Nuevo Leon ejido.

When he was admitted by his relatives, he added, he had no vital signs and, although all medical protocols were applied, the patient did not respond and declared his death.


“The relatives said that the possible cause was the intake of a soft drink,” the health sector said.

Later, two men and a woman entered the clinic with nausea, vomiting, chills, headache, dyspnoea and pain in the limbs, who were stabilized and channeled to their clinics.

There were also official reports of three other people with similar symptoms who were treated at IMSS clinics and three more at ISSSTE.

The governor of the State, Francisco Vega, instructed that any person in this area of the Municipality who presented any similar symptom should receive medical care regardless of whether or not he is entitled.

For the time being, the Directorate of Protection against Health Risks proceeded to ensure the batch of soft drinks that, according to preliminary investigations, could be related to this incident.

Drug traces

The intoxicated man died of a generalized congestion of vital organs and acute pulmonary edema, according to the information provided yesterday.

César Raúl González Vaca, director of the Forensic Medical Service (Semefo) in Baja California, said that in the analyzes that made him of urine and blood, a high concentration of methamphetamine was found.

“We could say that he died of an overdose,” the coroner said in statements made by Frontera Info.

However, it was not possible to confirm if the liquid containing the “Seven Up” soda bottle contained methamphetamine, since it will be the PGJE’s Department of Expertise that determines the content of the bottle.

Also, ruled out that there was some kind of acid or caustic in the bottle, because it does not present burns in the digestive tract the man intoxicated.

González Vaca added that there was no history of drug use in the deceased man and that the only mark of needle puncture or injection was the one made by the doctors when attending him.

In a period of five days results of the pathology studies will be obtained, as samples of organs were taken. Read Article

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