Major Roadblocks February 25, 2013 by Students Teachers Oaxaca Mexico

Posted on February 25, 2013 • Filed under: Latin America, Mexico, Tourist Warning, Travel News

Student teachers, teachers and social organization that supports a dozen workers made ​​redundant protest actions this day remain severe complications vials in Oaxaca.

For the third time in 10 days, students from 11 state colleges retain urban transport buses to block streets and avenues of the capital to protest against the federal education reform.

Mobilizing normalistas began near 08:00 hours with the arrest of half a dozen units that used to block the streets around the Normal Education Centre of Oaxaca (CRENO), located north of the city.
Shortly after 10:00 hours, the protesters had taken about 20 trucks, some of which were headed toward the toll booth located in the vicinity of the town of Huitzo in federal highway leading to the state of Puebla. Meanwhile, members of the Coordinator of Social Organizations blocked streets and avenues of the capital to demand the reinstatement of 10 dismissed workers of the Ministry of Health. The protesters say they were fired without justification, so this action is a means of pressure against state authorities. Read Article

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