Travel Alert: Durango and Coahuila States most violent in Mexico

Posted on January 30, 2013 • Filed under: Latin America, Mexico, Tourist Warning, Travel News reports: “There is no curfew, but after nine at night, Torreón is a ghost town,” says Professor Robert Lopez Franco, former director of the School of Social and Political Sciences , alarmed by the breakdown of the social fabric. “Our youth is being annihilated by poverty, drugs and weapons,” he adds.

The feeling of abandonment has given new impetus to the old aspiration of the Laguna District is a state someday. A movement of opinion which seduces its elites. Torreon and Gomez Palacio are economic engines of their states, but do not feel represented by their political capital. “I wish we were an independent state,” said Armando Carlos R., CEO of Economic Development of Coahuila . “The state centralism and political rancor between parties hurts us.” The employer ensures that violence has not closed any company, although it recognizes that investment has slowed. Read Article

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