CUSCO PERU: Thieves work quick and are clever in thefts against tourists (Video)

Posted on August 24, 2016 • Filed under: Latin America, Peru, Tourist Robbed, Tourist Warning

CRIINALS WORK IN A VERY QUICK AND CLEVER WAY IN THEFTS AGAINST TOURISTS reported …. Prima and Gina Montalvo were arrested by agents of Terna squad after he robbed a cell phone to an Irish tourist.

Two women were arrested by agents of the squad Terna Police Cusco , after they are discovered in flagrante stealing the belongings of some Irish tourists.

They were identified as Prima and Gina Montalvo, in a video recorded by cash looks like – using costumes – manage to take pictures with tourists and at the same time, quickly steal your personal belongings.

According to the video released by police Cusco, one of the criminals he stole an iPhone 6 to one of the visitors. This admitted his crime after being captured and taken to the police station the Historic Center of Cusco.

Meanwhile, the PNP commander Hugo Medina said to TV Peru that criminals were operating in a “very quick and clever way” and coordinate with local authorities to establish a protection mechanism for tourists. read article


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