Canadian Expatriate Found Murdered in Real Estate Office in Vilcabamba Ecuador

Posted on February 20, 2013 • Filed under: Ecuador, Expatriates Killed, Latin America

Glenn Sanderse and expatriate from Canada was found dead on February 20, 2013, at his real estate office in Vilcabamba Ecuador. He was age 53. It is believed that he had been dead for several days and initial signs were that he had been beaten and his throat slashed. Police are now conducting an investigation.

Mr. Sanderse was the owner of, espacios ecuador, and casabonita realty. Mr Sanderse had been a resident of Vilcabamba for approximately three years. His real estate firm is located at:12-61 Calle Bolivar y Clodoveo Jaramillo
Vilcabamba, Loja, Ecuador
His body was discovered when his business partner Francisco Riofrío arrived at the office on Monday morning. Head of Police indicated they suspect the death happened sometime Sunday. His body was located in the back of the office. He had suffered five stab wounds, including one to the neck. We have received unconfirmed reports that a broken bottle may have been used in the assault. Other information indicates he had defensive wounds. reported that there was no robbery and that personal documents along with computers had not been stolen. Police believe that possigbly it was a personal issue and or disagreement of some type. The body has been sent to the morgue in Loja. reported that the family has not arrived yet. has now reported as of February 21, 2013. Some of the information above has been obtained from different parties and it should be considered to be an ongoing investigation and more information will be forthcoming. Read Article

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