Suspect who is accused of killing British tourist Magaluf said it was self-defese

Posted on March 29, 2012 • Filed under: Spain, Tourist Arrested

huevazos They started and ended with a dead man. A 22 year old responds to a jury yesterday for the death of an English tourist in August 2009 in Magaluf. The charges contend that killed the victim of a hit with a wooden club in the neck after a fight began between four young residents of Magaluf and two English tourists who have sex with two prostitutes at the door of the house of two of young people.accused was in his statement that a group of friends went to the house of one of them for money. At the entrance saw the tourists with prostitutes. Decided to climb for some eggs and throw them tirárselos there, ’cause not fight. ” According to him, partly corroborated by peers, the British reacted and went behind them: “With the bad luck that I stood back and caught me between the two.” The defendant says he managed to escape and meet in the house with his friends. Hence, the four fell again, this time armed with two motorcycle helmets and a wooden club. “We were scared, want to leave and move around, but there was an option that we expect down,” he said. Read article

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