Mexico: tourist from Belgium killed by assailants in mall parking lot Acapulco Mexico

Posted on February 23, 2013 • Filed under: Latin America, Mexico, Tourist Killed, Tourist Warning

Victim: Jan KM Sarens Belgian national, residing in Mexico City, tourist visiting Acapulco, Assault occurred near facility where Mexican Tennis Open will be held reported that the Attorney General of the state began investigating the murder of Belgian tourist, Jan KM Sarens 59-year-old, killed in the parking lot of a shopping center, located on the boulevard of nations and in the area of Acapulco Diamante del puerto. It was reported that around 16:43 hours, reported the killing of a person in the parking lot of a shopping center located in the southern part of Acapulco, 600 feet from where it hits the Mexican Tennis Open. Police officers found in the parking lot of the mall pulled the body of a person according to an identification that brought his name was Jan KM Sarens 59 years of age, citizens of the Kingdom of Belgium. “At first glance it appreciated by projectile impact gun in the left chest.’s Body was found next to a Mercedes Benz, NSK200, convertible 953VNR tuition Federal District,” the statement said. The deceased lived and worked in Mexico City in the company SRNS Latinoamérica SA de CV, and had the temporary resident immigration status. Read Article

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