London, England: Terrorist cabbies protest olympics 2012

Posted on July 19, 2012 • Filed under: Terrorism, United Kingdom

London, U.K. – Just about everyone in the world is excited about the Olympic Games as one of the few times that human beings of all description can get together without any kind of drama or fighting. While these Games will not be, as they never are, a watershed moment in human history they will allow for a brief period a troubled world to come together and just relax a little. Well, most of the world feels that way. The people of London, however, not so much. As is usually the case with Olympic cities the people of the host city have been grumbling pretty much from the announcement back in 2005. Now with the Games a little more than a week away, the grumbling has gotten worse especially from the city’s ubiquitous cab drivers. Read article

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