Hawaii, Tsunami Warning

Posted on October 28, 2012 • Filed under: Tourist Warning, Travel News, Travel Weather Issues, United-States

To – Civil Defense in the state of Hawaii subject – Tsunami Warning supplement a Tsunami Warning continues in effect for the state of Hawaii. An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters origin Time – 0504 pm Hst 27 Oct 2012 Coordinates – 52.8 North 131.8 West Location – Queen Charlotte Islands region magnitude – 7.7 moment measurements or reports of tsunami wave activity gauge location Lat Lon Time Ampl per ——————- —– —— —– ————— —– Arena Cove CA 38.9N 123.7W 0633z 0.32M / 1.1FT 06min Crescent City CA 41.7N 124.2W 0602z 0.25M / 0.8FT 26min Winter Harbour bc 50.5N 128.0W 0413z 0.23M / 0.8FT 30min dart 46404 45.9N 128.8W 0417z 0.05M / 0.2FT 20min Langara Point bc 54.2N 133.1W 0424z 0.20M / 0.7FT 26min dart 46419 48.8N 129.6W 0346z 0.06M / 0.2FT 12min Lat – latitude (N-north, S-south) Lon – Longitude (E-east, W-west) time – time of the measurement (Z is Utc is Greenwich Time) Ampl – Tsunami amplitude measured relative to normal sea level. It is not. Crest-to-trough wave height.

Values are given in both METERS(M) and FEET(ft). Read Article

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