Cabo San Lucas Mexico: Prison Inmates Escape, Aggravating Public Safety Fears

Posted on September 18, 2014 • Filed under: Mexico reported…”Help, help! Inmates escaped, are entering houses and beating men, women and children! “.”

The desperate cry of inhabitants of Buenos Aires, San Bernabe and sidewalks colonies, arriving at the airport is San José of the Cape international calling for the deployment of the armed forces in these colonies because escaped inmates of the State Center of Social Readaptation (Cereso) of San José. People are being held incommunicado, without water or electricity, and the prey at night is uncontrollable. The locals now speak of several dead. For the airlift, the armed forces and the Federal Police used their aircraft to evacuate the tourists, while the local authorities are already working to restore electrical power services and water supply.

National Defense applied the DNIII Plan and led community kitchens in the affected areas, while the Federal police deployed elements of its seven divisions which carry rescue tools and supplies to aid victims. Read Article

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