Argentina: mountain climber from France injured ascending Cerro Torre, rescue in process

Posted on February 23, 2013 • Filed under: Latin America, Tourist Injured

Climber has several injuries from fall reported that French mountain climber Jerome Sullivan 29 years old was conducting an ascent of Cerro Torre area with his partner. The group of rescuers in El Chalten initiated the rescue by land, and did not have the support of the National Gendarmerie helicopter stationed in Rio Gallegos, due to the weather. Around 10:00 hours the message came relief requested by an Argentine climber found in vicinity of Cerro Torre, with a couple of French climbers who had suffered an accident. He immediately launched rescue mechanisms of the town. The French climber would hurt Jerome Sullivan, 29 years old, a professional with extensive experience in climbing mountains.
Dr. Carolina Codó, who coordinates rescuers El Chalten, contacted LU 23 and said that “the man fell from a height of about 15 meters and had several hits, including back and head”, advancing “The rescue team began preparing the stretcher. We started asking the helicopter, because the place is quite remote. At the end of many twists and turns, with many fights, we get permission, but then we were told that we would not have it because it’s raining in Rio Gallegos. ”
With regard to the rescue, specified: “We put together a larger group of about 25 people, which would be coming to the place,” adding: “The casualty is stable and not life-threatening for the moment. You have to treat it or yes out today, because tomorrow are forecasted heavy rains. ”
Moreover, Dr. Carolina Codó said the program All Voices “walking fast are 10 or 12 hours of El Chalten, a complicated path. With a stretcher I believe to be much more delay and complicate. But now is the only way to rescue them we have.” Read Article

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