Travel Scams in Turkey

Posted on September 16, 2016 • Filed under: Middle East, Tourist Warning, Turkey reported … Despite being known as a friendly bunch, there is still a very intense bunch of crooks out to fleece you of your money. Getting recourse is difficult as well, as the police does not have a good command of English and from most anecdotes, are not readily willing to help. So what better way to protect yourself than to learn the most common scams in Turkey?

1. Would you like a drink my friend?

Be wary of hearing such a phrase. Though commonly used, you never know if it’s a friend or foe. The scam is wickedly simple. A stranger (could be a well dress man fluent in English, or a pair of random dudes, etc) comes up to you (usually against single travellers) and ask if you would have a lighter/know the way/help take a photo or what have you to establish innocence and to build rapport. Eventually, he will ask if you would like to grab a drink with him.

Should you take up the stranger’s offer, you will be brought to a highly recommended restaurant or bar. You will girls joining you, and you will be coerced into buying drinks. These few drinks will easily rack up a thousand dollar bill. If you have not passed out, be prepared to be escorted to the nearby ATM machine by a group of hooligans to make payment.

Another possibility is a spiked drink, this could happen anywhere, such as when a stranger such as a cab driver offers you a drink.

But I can hear ya, what if I really want to make friends with the locals? Well there are a few steps you can take: Read Article

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