Dubai: Tourist thought going to hotel for sex, robbed and filmed by Nigerian crooks

Posted on October 15, 2017 • Filed under: Middle East, Tourist Robbed

Tourist seeking sex ends up being robbed – Nigerian trio lure man into hotel room by enticing him with pictures of a blonde European woman on dating app. A tourist, who thought he would be having paid sex with a European woman he chatted with on a dating app, ended up being hoodwinked by an African woman and her two accomplices.

According to records, the Saudi tourist saw pictures of a blonde European woman on the app and agreed to meet her in a hotel to have sex in August.

He got got the shock of his life when a Nigerian woman welcomed him at the hotel and invited him to her room.

When he asked the 22-year-old woman about the European woman he had chatted with on the dating app, she told him that she would be with him in a minute and went to the washroom. A few minutes later, she walked out in her underwear and told the man that he would be having sex with her. Read Article

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