Expat’s home burgled in Salinas Ecuador

Posted on March 20, 2017 • Filed under: Ecuador, Expatriate Warning

On or about March 18, 2017, an expat couple from the U.S. took a trip to visit Montanita. Upon their return to Salinas Ecuador, they discovered their residence had been burgled. burglarize

The Victim’s Account – Unedited SOURCE – FACEBOOK GROUP – Name of Victim withheld.
Well, it finally happened and we were robbed while in Montañita Saturday night. They didn’t get much, but they were brazen about it. It appears maybe someone came over the wall at the neighbor’s house and opened the front door for two ladies to come in. They arrived in a taxi, walked right in and spent a fair amount of time going around the outside to find weaknesses in the windows and doors, even stood outside at the taxi and shook out clothes or whatever they had taken right in the street. They found one window where they could use a dust pan to lift out my computer and an external hard drive that were fairly close to that window. So even with the bars they managed getting them out… Also took the bicycle out front. These were not young women and were obviously working with someone else, as I doubt they climbed the wall initially.

If anyone sees a 2009, older model MacBook with a crack in the lid for sale, please let me know right away? And, note to self, keep anything of value at least 10+ feet from any window… It’s not the computer itself that really bothers me, it’s all that’s on it.



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