Athens Greece: thousands protest in streets in protests of far-right Golden Dawn Party

Posted on September 19, 2013 • Filed under: Greece, Public Unrest

The alleged murder of a leftist rapper by a neo-Nazi has shocked Greece, where thousands have taken to the streets to protest the rise of the far-right Golden Dawn party. Athens says it is determined to take action. As Pavlos Fyssas was laid to rest in Athens on Thursday morning, thousands of Greeks took to the streets to pay their respects to the anti-fascist rapper and demonstrate against the escalating violence engulfing the country. ANZEIGE
When he was stabbed to death early on Wednesday, the 34-year-old became the most prominent victim of a wave of right-wing extremism that, if left unchecked, some fear may degenerate into generalized instability as social tensions rise on the back of the country’s economic crisis. Read Article

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