New York: Two members of Iranian rock band murdered by former band member

Posted on November 12, 2013 • Filed under: Expatriate Suicide, Expatriates Killed, United-States

The New York Times reports that the Yellow Dogs, as the four Iranian musicians were known, played in the shadows until 2009, when they appeared in a film about Iran’s underground music scene that garnered international attention. The next year, they left for America, finding their way to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where their tidy house became a hub for fellow musicians and Iranians. Hailed as countercultural heroes in Iran, they were a few musicians among many in Brooklyn, working day and night to stay afloat, playing in basements and lofts until they scored better gigs. And then, suddenly, in the early hours of Monday morning, two of them and another musician were dead, shot by another Iranian musician who then killed himself. Read article

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