Istanbul, Turkey: Tourists should be aware of various scams

Posted on July 25, 2012 • Filed under: Europe, Tourist Scam, Tourist Warning

Istanbul is one of those cities are accustomed to receiving visitors for centuries, and as such, it has developed the rogue, sometimes in surprisingly ingenious. Besides the typical scams minors in any resort (predatory prices, taxi drivers are detours to stretch the race, etc..), in Istanbul have spread some scams to keep in mind if you are thinking of traveling to this wonderful city . The shoeshine “clueless” The shoeshine is one of the typical pictures of the city, and the service generally, it is very cheap (just over 1 euro). But some of them used a strategy to force customers: standing in front of a small group of tourists, and pretend to drop your brush as you walk. Almost always, someone picks it up and alerts. In “ thanks “, the boot is offered to clean his shoes. If the unwary accept (and sometimes it’s hard not to, because of their insistence), the trap is ready: come after a string of complaints about how difficult it is to feed the family, has been expensive than Istanbul, and so on., release until the tourist money. And watch out, because if the amount does not match what you expect the boot (about 5 euros), this can be somewhat aggressive. Read article

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