Tips for Safe Travel

Posted on October 15, 2014 • Filed under: Tourist Warning, Travel Health

No Matter how seasoned traveler you are, these are excellent tips to review and help keep you safe during your journeys. / Wade Shepard – Top Travel Safety Tips

Disaster often makes for good travel stories, but it’s not how many people wish to spend their vacations. By following the below tips you can be sure to subvert many of the most common problems and mishaps that befall international travelers.

1. Don’t flash valuables

Everybody says this, but still many don’t seem to get it. Yes, showing signs of status and wealth anywhere will make you a target for theft — especially if you are in a place standing out in the crowd like a big swollen thumb (aka tourist). It’s unbelievable how many times I see tourists leaving their cameras on cafe tables, pulling off their money belts in public because they are “uncomfortable,”or pulling out huge wads of cash in the streets to buy some trinket. “Oh, but it’s safe here,” many say, not seeming to realize that people are more often than not robbed when their guard is down, in places that seem safe. READ HERE FOR THE REMAINING TIPS

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