Scam avoidance tips Buenos Aires Argentina

Posted on June 18, 2012 • Filed under: Latin America, Tourist Scam

Scammers in Buenos Aires, Argentina, are well practiced. While they might choose a random victim every so often, they usually look for certain things to limit risk on their part and ensure a better rate of success. Here are some of the ways they pick their targets.
1. Clothing

You will never see a local wearing white socks and tennis shoes. Porteños (citizens of Buenos Aires) are much too fashionable for that. Other giveaways are t-shirts with English on them and out-of-season clothing. Argentines get cold much easier than many westerners, so when it’s 15 degrees Celsius outside, many of them will be wearing coats and scarves while tourists are out in shorts and t-shirts. You should also be wary of wearing any prominent name brands that cannot be found in Argentina. Lastly, keep your bling at home; flashing your jewelry around the city is only going to attract trouble. Read Article

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