Double Check your travel insurance as to theft, Cox and Kings’ clients having difficulty

Posted on July 1, 2012 • Filed under: Europe, Tourist Robbed, Tourist Warning

You buy travel insurance thinking that you will be covered for any mishaps, but does it really protect you in the time of need? The details are in the fine print as discovered by Cox and Kings Europe tourists even as C&K is giving its “customers” a rude brush-off. Cox and Kings’ (C&K) European Whirl tour ended with a whirlwind for 32 passengers just before takeoff back home. After being robbed of valuables left in the bus (on insistence of the tour manager), C&K has given them a cold shoulder and the prospects of the insurance company paying them anything is zero. C&K’s reasoning is that they are not responsible for loss of any baggage, valuables and personal effects of the passengers.
Read the first part of the story – Cox & Kings’ tourists robbed in Europe. Read Article

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