Despite warnings, uptick in homicides, tourists still flocking to Los Cabos Mexico

Posted on September 2, 2017 • Filed under: Mexico, Tourist Warning

NPR.ORG – Carrie Kahn – Despite a spike in the number of homicides and a U.S. State Department travel advisory, tourists are continuing to flock to Los Cabos, Mexico. The popular tourist destination is now one of the most violent in Mexico, but tourists and officials don’t seem worried about the warnings.

Los Cabos, Mexico, took a beating today from Tropical Storm Lydia. The powerful storm made landfall early this morning and killed at least four people, including a baby. It’s been a rough year for the popular resort town. It’s already been struggling with a dramatic rise in murders, a more-than-200-percent increase over the last year. The violence prompted U.S. officials to issue an unprecedented travel warning for the destination. But as NPR’s Carrie Kahn reports, despite the warning and the violence, the tourists keep coming. Read, listen to interview


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